Call or stop by the Park Administrative Office, 212 River Drive, Suite 2, Wausau, Phone 715.261.1550 OR E-mail for additional information on any of the below topics:

What is the Emerald Ash Borer?
The Emerald Ash Borer is an exotic beetle originating from its native Asia and currently spreading throughout Wisconsin and other states in the upper middle and eastern United States and Canada.  The larvae feed on the inner bark of Ash trees eventually killing the trees.  EAB was discovered in Green Bay in 2012 and in Stevens Point and Wisconsin Rapids in 2016.  Current recommendation is to treat Ash Trees when EAB is detected within 15 miles.  Click here to read How to protect your tree from the Emerald Ash Borer. and here for EAB Safety and Prevention.

On August 1, 2016 the City of Wausau is held a public information meeting at Wausau City Hall, 407 Grant Street, Wausau, on potential management options for dealing with EAB.

Also, here is a pdf of a PowerPoint presentation for the proposed Emerald Ash Borer Street Tree Management Plan presented at the August 1 meeting.

What seasonal employment opportunities does the park department offer?
This Department hires many seasonal/temporary employees throughout the year.  Individuals now apply for a seasonal/temporary job by going to the Marathon County Employee Resource Department  website and completing an on-line application.  Paper applications are no longer accepted.

Here is a flyer with additional information on how to apply for a seasonal job.

Below is a brochure which lists and describes the various seasonal positions the Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Department recruit for each each spring/summer and fall/winter.

What is the admission cost to the Wausau City Pools?  
Fees for Kaiser, Memorial, and Schulenburg are youth 1-17 are $2.00, adults 18-59 are $3.00, Seniors 60+ are $2.00.  At all the pools infants up to 1 year of age are free with a paying care giver.  Pools are half-price after 6pm and Free on Thursdays after 6pm. Annual Wausau Resident Youth Pool Passes are $30 and Adult Pool Passes are $45; Annual non Wausau Resident Youth Pool Paases are $40 and Adult Passes are $60; Annual Wausau Resident Family Pool Passes full price are $70 for 2 people, $80 for 3 people, $90 for 4 people, etc.; Annual non Wausau Resident Family Pool Passes are $95 for 2 people, $110 for 3 people, $125 for 4 people, etc. (each additional person add $10). 15% holiday discount on family passes from Dec 3 to Jan. 4.10% early bird discount from Jan. 7 to April 12. 45% mid-season discount from July 15 to the end of the season.  All family members must permanently reside at the same dwelling. There must be at least one adult (18+), but no more than 2 adults. Memorial, Kaiser, and Schulenburg Pools are open daily from 1 p.m. until 7:50 p.m. 

Do you offer swim lessons?
Yes. Registration for youth swim lessons begins May 1 for City of Wausau residents and non-residents. Registration is open until classes fill. Select your lessons by Session, Pool, Time and Level. Register on-line with credit card, print a registration form and mail it in with a check or stop by at the Park Administrative Office.

Do you offer tennis lessons?
Yes.  Youth tennis lessons are offered at Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels for four different age groups. Family tennis lessons are also offered.

Do you have a lost and found?
Yes. Items found in the parks are forwarded to the Park Administrative Office; phone 715/261-1550.  A lost and found is also maintained at Kaiser, Memorial, and Schulenburg Pools during the pool season.

How do you purchase an annual boat launch sticker?
Stickers may be ordered by completing a self-registration envelope form out at any of the six county park, OR four city park boat landings during the boating season. The annual sticker will be mailed to your residence within seven days. Stickers may also be purchased at the Park Administrative Office.

Do you sell discounted tickets to various attractions?
Yes. From May until Labor Day, attraction tickets are available at discounted prices through this department.  Cash or check payment options are available on these non-refundable tickets. Tickets are available at the Park Administrative Office, 212 River Drive, Suite #2, Wausau.

How do you reserve a shelter?
  1. Stop by the Park Administrative Office, 212 River Drive, Suite 2, Wausau fill out, sign and date a contract and pay the facility use fee and any applicable security deposit.
  2. Call the Park Adminstrative Office at ph 715.261.1550 and reserve a shelter over the phone and pay with a credit card.
  3. On-line 24-7 through a link found at one of the two websites:
    (21 shelters can be reserved on-line.  If you don't see the shelter you'd like to reserve on-line call the Park Administrative Office and we can help you).

When are the bi-annual recreation guides published?
The Spring/Summer Recreation Guide is an insert in the 1st Tuesday of April Wausau Buyer’s Guide. The Fall/Winter Recreation Guide is an insert in the 2nd Tuesday of September Wausau Buyer’s Guide.  These publications are available at City Hall, the Marathon County Courthouse, 500 Forest Street, the Marathon County Library, 300 N. First Street and the Park Administrative Office when published.
Boulevard Trees:
1. I have a problem with a boulevard tree in front of my residence; what do I do?
The park department maintains the trees located on the city right of way within the City of Wausau city limits. Call the Park Administrative Office (715) 261-1550, or E-mail if you notice large dead limbs, limbs obstructing sidewalks, roadways, your driveway, or traffic signs.  An Urban Forestry staff member will assess the situation, make a determination and advise the adjacent property owner of anything that can or will be done.

2. Can I prune my boulevard tree?
No. City ordinance prohibits homeowners from pruning boulevard/right-of-way trees. Contact the Park Office if your tree is in need of pruning.

3. A boulevard tree is marked for removal. When will it be removed?
If a tree is marked for removal, our tree crew or a private contractor may be performing the removal. A marked tree may not be removed immediately. Typically, trees are removed in groups, as this is the most efficient use of personnel and equipment groupings. Our crews may be removing the entire tree and leaving the stump for a later date, or the tree may have the branches removed and the log left standing for a period of time until specific equipment is available to remove the large wood.

4. Can I keep the wood from a boulevard tree removed at my residence?
Yes, the property owner has the option of keeping the wood. Wood from removed trees is left as is and will not be cut to firewood length. ***Be sure to check state and local ordinances prior to moving firewood.

5. My boulevard tree was removed. When will the stump be ground?
As with tree removal, stump grinding may be done by our crew or by a private contractor. We make every effort to grind stumps in a timely manner, however stumps are a low priority in our work schedule. The stump grinding is a process that involves contacting the utility companies to mark the underground utilities prior to work. As with tree removal, this work is done in groups, as this is the most efficient use of personnel and equipment.

6. When will the stump in my boulevard be cleaned up?
After the stump has been ground, the material is typically cleaned up within a few days. The grindings will be hauled and the hole will be filled with soil and re-seeded. On rare occasion, during the clean-up process, it is realized that we may need to return to grind a portion of the stump that was missed.

7. Can I pick the species of tree that is planted in my boulevard?
No. Tree selection is done by the City Forester. There are many variables that influence what species of tree may be planted.

8. When will the new tree be planted?
Our crew performs tree planting in the spring and in the fall. Trees planted in the spring are ordered in the winter and trees planted in the fall are ordered in the summer. The start and end times of planting are weather dependent and also depend on when our suppliers are able to deliver trees.

9. What can I do to care for my boulevard tree?
A properly maintained tree can provide years of benefits; shade, aesthetic beauty, habitat, reduce storm water runoff, carbon sequestration, etc. You can help your tree by providing adequate water during prolonged dry periods. Newly planted trees require heavy, infrequent watering. Additionally, the mulch that is added after planting provides nutrients to the tree and should not be removed or piled against the trunk.  Weed whips and mowers can cause severe injury to tree trunks. Please avoid contacting the trunk with any equipment.  If you feel your tree requires any maintenance contact the Park Office (715) 261-1550.

10. I’m concerned about Emerald Ash Borer. What can I do?
The following link contains information regarding Emerald Ash Borer. If you suspect your tree has EAB contact the Park Office.  Protecting your tree from Emerald Ash Borer

What are the Metal Detecting Guidelines in our Parks and Forests?
A pdf of the guidelines can be found here (10kb).

1.  State and county regulations prohibit the disturbance or damage of natural features and entering closed areas, therefore some lands may not be open to metal detecting.
2.  Metal detecting is not allowed in environmentally sensitive areas and archaeological or historical sites.  The Federal Antiquities Act prohibits the disturbance or removal of items of cultural or historical significance on public lands.
3.  Presently a permit is not required; the Department however expects that anyone participating in this activity will follow the “without a trace” philosophy.
4.  Shallow ground probing within the top six inches is permitted, however removing soil to locate something that is buried, cutting back sod or digging holes is prohibited.
5.  Caution must also be exercised because some park and forest properties have buried utilities.
6.  Metal detecting is prohibited at large public events or near shelters that have been reserved for private events.