Parking Violations and Fines

City of Wausau parking rules and regulations are contained in Chapter 10 Vehicles and Traffic of the Wausau, Wisconsin Municipal Code, a codification of the General Ordinances of the City of Wausau, Wisconsin.

The following table outlines the violation number, description and fine amount as displayed on City issued parking citations.

Number Description Fine
1 Expired Meter $5.00
2 Overtime Parking $5.00
3 Parking 2:30-6AM $25.00
4 No Permit (City Owned Property) $5.00
5 Less Than 15' from Crosswalk $20.00
6 Less Than 4' from Driveway $20.00
7 Less Than 10' from Hydrant $20.00
8 More Than 12" from Curb $20.00
9 Parking on Boulevard, Sidewalk or Double Parking  $20.00
10 Parked on Left Side of the Roadway $30.00
11 Parked in/Blocking Alley $20.00
12 Posted NO PARKING Area $20.00
13 Parked on Private Property $20.00
14 Other Violations described in Wausau Municipal Code  $10.00
15 Abandoned Vehicle $25.00
16 Handicapped Parking Violation $150.00
17 Snow Emergency Violation $100.00
18 Fire Lane Violation $30.00
19 Unauthorized Parking $20.00
20 Parked in/Blocking Intersection $20.00
25 Less than 15' Mailbox $20.00
28 No Angle Parking $20.00


Citation payments are due within 7 days including the date of issue. Late payments are subject to additional fees:

  1. $10.00 to the original fee if paid after 7 days but by the 28th day.
  2. $35.00 to original fee if paid after 28 days.

This fee schedule does not include municipal court costs, administrative charges or Wisconsin Department of Transportation costs. Timeliness of mailed payments will be determined by the postmark date.

Failure to Pay Parking Citations

  1. Late fees will be imposed as described above.
  2. If payment is not received after 28 days the City will request a vehicle registration suspension or refusal be placed on the vehicle receiving the citation. It is unlawful to operate any vehicle displaying the suspended registration on any highway in the State of Wisconsin. See for additional information.
  3. If payment is not received the City participates in the State of Wisconsin Tax Intercept Program and will request that sufficient income tax refunds be directed to the City to offset the outstanding debt.

Reinstatement of Suspended Vehicle Registration

Upon payment in full of all outstanding parking citations the City of Wausau will notify the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Motor Vehicles of the satisfaction. The DMV will reinstate your registration if all outstanding parking tickets along with any court judgments for which your registration is suspended or refused are paid in full. Allow 10 days. You may check on the status of your registration by contacting the Department of Transportation’s Division of Motor Vehicles at the number listed in your local telephone directory or refer to for additional information regarding this process.

Pay your Parking Ticket

Include your ticket with payment!

  • Pay in person:

    City of Wausau
    Clerk/Customer Service
    407 Grant Street
    Wausau WI 54403

  • Drop boxes located in front of City Hall or across from the Post Office on Forest Street
  • By internet:
  • By mail:

    City of Wausau
    Processing Center
    PO Box 2064
    Tarrytown NY 10591-9064

  • By phone: 1-866-410-8952

Questions concerning tickets and payments can be directed to 1-866-595-9519.