State law requires a person to contest a parking citation within 28 days of issuance. By submitting this form within 28 days, you will meet that requirement. If you are past the 28 day requirement, the police department will still review your dispute but their decision is final. (See #3 below if the ticket was issued at a parking meter.) You must contest the ticket in writing on the prescribed form which is available online Parking Citation Dispute Review Form. You may also pick up the form at City Hall, Clerk/Customer Service at 407 Grant Street or from the Police Department at 515 Grand Avenue. You will be notified of the review decision within 10 business days.

Not sure if you have a legal defense for contesting your ticket? Below is a listing of possible defenses and the evidence needed to support your claim.

Common Reasons for Disputing a Ticket and Evidence Requirements

  1. Lost/stolen Plates – If you are claiming that your plates were lost or stolen please provide a copy of the police report documenting that the item has been lost and/or stolen. In addition submit evidence of the prompt replacement efforts.
  2. Sold or Transferred Vehicle – Submit documentation such as sales documents and the documentation from your insurance company indicating the date the vehicle was removed from the policy.
  3. Broken or Malfunctioning Meter - A broken or malfunctioning meter may – or may not – absolve you from your liability. The City can check the meter electronic system and verify the operability of the meter if we are immediately notified of the problem (phone 715-261-6765). Provide the meter number and location as listed on your ticket. Meters do not keep a record of the amount of money deposited or when. We cannot determine if there was a meter malfunction if it is reported several days or weeks after a ticket has been issued.
  4. Received an overnight parking citation after receiving permission from dispatch – provide the date and approximate time of your call.
  5. Received a parking citation while complying with a displayed valid parking permit – Submit a copy of your permit or the permit number.

Reasons Your Ticket Will Not Be Dismissed

  • Lack of funds or time to pay.
  • You loaned your car to a friend who received the ticket.
  • No one else got a ticket.
  • I’ve parked in the area before and never received a ticket.
  • The fine is too much.
  • I was unaware of the parking rules and regulations.
  • Lack of legal, convenient and inexpensive parking.
  • I left the vehicle unattended for just a minute.
  • I never saw the ticket on my car or received any late notices as my current mailing address does not agree with the registration information I provided to the State Department of Motor Vehicle when I registered the car.