Yard Waste

The yard waste site is located at the east end of Chellis Street and is for use by City of Wausau residents only. The yard waste site is a gated facility and is open from April 1 through mid-November during the hours listed below.

Monday - CLOSED
Tuesday - CLOSED
Wednesday - 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. 
Thursday - CLOSED
Friday - CLOSED 
Saturday - 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sunday - 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Yard Waste Site will reopen April 1, 2015 (weather permitting)

The facility will be CLOSED on Easter and Independence Day.

Materials accepted at the site include leaves, pine needles, grass, garden and flower debris, tree branches and brush. Tree stumps and root balls weighing less than 50 pounds should not be brought to the yard waste site but can be left at the curb for weekly garbage pick-up. Tree stumps and root balls weighing more than 50 pounds must be divided into smaller, more manageable pieces and disposed of at the curb for weekly garbage pick-up. Please seek professional contracted services for root ball/stump removal and disposal. 

In order to provide easier access to the yard waste site, Public Works employees will place an Annual  Access Sticker on the vehicle that is used to bring debris to the site. The stickers will then be scanned during future visits expediting the identification process. Stickers are available at the Department of Public Works, 407 Myron Street, between 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and at the site during open hours. There is no charge for the stickers. Please bring an official form of identification (driver's license or tax bill) confirming you are a resident of the City of Wausau. Residents whose yard waste is taken to the site by relatives or friends who are not city residents should obtain a sticker for use on their behalf.

Residents who have had Annual Access Stickers longer than three years will be asked to reregister to ensure our records are up to date.  After residency has been confirmed, a new sticker will be issued.

The yard waste site is equipped with security cameras to monitor unwanted or illegal dumping of materials. Periodic spot checks of addresses will take place to verify where materials come from. Remember, there is a $200 fine for illegal dumping.

YARD WASTE DOES NOT INCLUDE: Food waste, animal waste, tree stumps, household waste, appliances, tires.

Except for fall leaf pickup, residents are reminded NOT to rake grass or other yard waste into the street. Doing so causes problems with the City's storm sewer system.

(See below for Christmas tree recycling.)

For more information on yard waste and the yard waste site, call 715-261-6960.


The annual Fall Leaf Pick-up Program usually takes place beginning in mid to late October, and schedules may change depending on weather conditions. Residents wishing to dispose of leaves prior to and/or after their collection date may take leaves to the yard waste site on Chellis Street. The yard waste site is open from April 1 through about November 15 of each year. (Call 715-261-6960 to find out the November date.)

Residents are asked NOT rake leaves into the gutter until the weekend before their scheduled collection date. The leaves may wash into the storm sewer, clogging inlets and sewer pipes. Also, the additional amount of leaves traveling through the storm sewers add to the amount of leaves in the river, thereby creating an undesirable effect on the environment by increasing the organic matter in the river. Leaves should not be raked in to gutters after the scheduled collection date for the same reason. PLEASE COOPERATE!

Each year the City alternates where leaf collection will begin, on the north side or south side of the City. Sometimes a fair amount of leaves may remain on trees in those areas collected first. Crews may attempt to return to early areas but this is not always possible and residents should not plan on it. If you need to dispose of leaves after your collection date, please take them to the yard waste site on Chellis Street.
Annual leaf collection: In 2014 fall leaf pickup took place October 27-November 10. Leaf collection started at the south City limits and moved north. In 2015 leaf collection will start at the north City limits and move south. 

Advanced Disposal (formerly Veolia Environmental Services) offers Wausau residents an alternative for disposing of their yard waste. Residents may call Advanced Disposal at 715-359-6637 to learn the current fee and sign up for their yard waste curbside pick-up service. Advanced Disposal will pick up yard waste curbside from April through October (call Advanced Disposal at 715-359-6637 for dates). Residents must sign up and pay the fee in order to receive this service.

How does this program work?

  1. Call Advanced Disposal at 715-359-6637and tell them you would like to participate in their yard waste curbside pick-up program.
  2. Advanced Disposal will provide you with a yard waste container on wheels which will be delivered to your door. Do not use plastic bags. Simply dump your yard waste into the container.
  3. Advanced Disposal will pick up your yard waste curbside every week. On the west side of the river the pick-up day is Tuesday. On the east side of the river, the pick-up day is Tuesday for properties south of Townline Road, and Friday for properties north of Townline Road. (See the schedule under Refuse/Garbage Collection for weeks when there is a holiday.)

This yard waste curbside pick-up program will assist those individuals who are inconvenienced by taking their yard waste to the drop-off site, or who are physically unable to do so.

The following items will not be accepted and should not be placed in your yard waste container for curbside collection:

  • garbage
  • food waste
  • animal waste
  • tree stumps
  • tree limbs & brush

For more information regarding yard watse disposal through Advanced Disposal, please click here.


Residents may place their tree curbside with their household garbage on normal pick-up days. Any nails and other metal must be removed, and if trees are taller than four feet they must be cut in half. Please lay trees on their side so they do not get frozen into the snow bank.

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