Recycling Works for Wausau! Your participation in the City's recycling program is important. Not only is recycling valuable to the environment, it is mandated by the State and we receive financial grants based on the amount collected. If the recycling amount goes down, so does our financial assistance! Residents must use the green lid wheeled cart provided by Harter's Fox Valley Disposal, the company contracted by the City to collect trash and recyclables.

Specific information on Wausau's recycling program is available (PDF). If you have questions or need further clarification, please contact the City Hall Information Center at 715-261-6500, or Harter's Fox Valley Disposal at 1-888-804-8556.

Recycling Schedule

Residents who are familiar with the recycling collection schedule and know which color they followed last year may continue to follow that same color. If you have any questions as to whether you live in a blue or yellow collection area, please refer to the table below or call the Information Center at 715-261-6500.

A recycling map is also available. (PDF)

West Side of Wisconsin River:
North of W. Wausau Ave. Monday Blue
North of Elm St., south of W. Wausau Ave. & east of USH 51 Monday Yellow
South of Elm St. & north. of Stewart Ave. incl. entire area west of USH 51 Tuesday Blue
South of Stewart Ave. & north of Thomas St. Tuesday Yellow
South of Thomas St Wednesday Blue
East Side of Wisconsin River:
North of Marquardt Rd & east of railroad tracks Wednesday Blue
North of Nina Ave. & south of Marquardt Rd including the homes west of the railroad tracks up to Evergreen Rd. Wednesday Yellow
South of Nina Ave. & north of Hamilton St. Thursday Blue
South of Hamilton St & north of Kickbusch St. Thursday Yellow
South of Kickbusch St., north of McDonald St. & W. of Northwestern Rd. Friday Blue
South of McDonald St. & entire area east of Northwestern Rd. Friday Yellow