Effective July 1, 2010, the Marathon County Hazardous Waste Collection Site relocated to the Marathon County Solid Waste Department (landfill) at R18500 East Highway 29 in Ringle.  The Solid Waste Department is located on the north side of Highway 29, approximately 12 miles east of Wausau and 1.5 miles east of the County Q exit. 

As a result of this move, Marathon and Lincoln County residents will have collection services available to them 5 days a week rather than the occasional collection event.  However, all individuals needing hazardous waste service must call in advance to make an appointment.  This ensures that trained staff is available to assist customers and provide for the safe management of their hazardous materials.  Appointment days are Mondays through Fridays and appointment times are between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.  The number to call for an appointment is (715) 446-3101, extension 100.

The new Hazardous Waste Collection Site WILL ACCEPT:  creosote; degreasers; fuel; ether; cleaning solvents; drain cleaners; dry cleaning fluilds; gun cleaners; fungicides; herbicides; insecticides; metal cleaners; mildew cleaners; oven cleaners; floor/furniture polish; nail polish removers; thinners; oil-based paints; varnish; turpentine; hobby materials; photography cleaners; aerosol paints (no empty cans); sharps (only accepted if packaged in commercial sharps containers or heavy plastic detergent or bleach bottle with a screw on cap and clearly marked "bio-hazard" or "sharps" and "DO NOT RECYCLE").

The clean sweep program will NOT ACCEPT:  ammunition; explosives; freon; latex paint; fire extinguishers or compressed gas cylinders (if empty take to landfill to recycle as scrap metal for free); medical wastes; radioactive materials; or water-based stains or caulks.

For more information regarding these changes, or for other recycling and solid waste information, please contact the Marathon County Solid Waste & Recycling Information Line at 1-877-270-3989 (toll free).