The City of Wausau Offers a Special Cart Service for Disabled Residents

In order to assist residents with disabilities who do not have another person to help them with their property responsibilities the City has established a program to help residents manage cart placement on collection day.

To qualify for the roll out cart service a resident must:

  1. Be unable to wheel their cart to the curb for collection
  2. Have no one else who can assist them
  3. Be certified by a physician as needing assistance
  4. Fill out and return the required Application for Residential Disabled Roll Out Service


  1. On collection day your carts must be placed where they can be seen from the street
  2. In the winter, a path must be clear of snow and ice so workers can safely transport the carts to the street and back.

Once completed the application should be returned to: City of Wausau, Customer Service, 407 Grant Street Wausau WI 54403. If you have additional questions about the disabled program please contact 715-261-6610.