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Thomas Street Project - Phase II



The City of Wausau has prepared a preliminary design for the reconstruction of Thomas Street from South 4th Avenue to the Wisconsin River Bridge. The City is requesting public input from the community related to the proposed design.  Comment forms and the drawings can be located by clicking on the links below. 

The proposed design is a two lane road with a raised centerline median and bike lanes on each side of the road, similar to what was constructed from South 4th Ave to South 17th Ave this past summer.  The City is moving forward with the design phase of this project which will include some open areas in the raised median to allow access for some homes and businesses.  The City is requesting that residents provide input related to the proposed design.  Any and all feedback will be reviewed by City staff and the design engineers. All comments can be made in writing using the Comment Form on the website referenced above or they can be emailed directly to  All comments will be presented to the Capital Improvements Street Maintenance Committee at the February 8th, 2018 meeting. 

The City will be hosting another Public Information Meeting in January to distribute additional information related to this project and accept additional public input and questions; the day and location of this meeting will be announced in the coming weeks.    

Public Information Notice in Hmong

Comment Form

Comment Form in Hmong

Thomas Street Phase II Drawings

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