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Wausau Wisconsin

January 19, 2019

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Notice of Board of Review


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of Review for the City of Wausau of Marathon County shall hold its first meeting on Monday, May 22, 2017 at 10:00 am for the purpose of calling the Board of Review into session during the thirty day period beginning on the 2nd Monday of May 2017, pursuant to §70.47(1) of Wisconsin Statutes.  The Board of Review will be held at Wausau City Hall, 407 Grant Street, Wausau, Wisconsin in the Council Chambers located on the first floor.

Due to the fact the assessment roll is not completed at this time, it is anticipated that the Board of Review will be adjourned until the 2nd day of, August, 2017 at 9:00 am. 

To obtain a guide of the objection process and the necessary forms to file a timely objection, visit the Clerk’s page on the city’s website at:  http://www.ci.wausau.wi.us/Departments/Clerk/PropertyAssessmentObjection.aspx

Forms may also be obtained during regular business hours in the Office of the City Clerk at 407 Grant Street, Wausau, WI 54403.

Notice is hereby given this 5th day of May, 2017.

Toni Rayala, City Clerk

City of Wausau

407 Grant Street

Wausau, WI 54403

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Posted by Toni R.