Wausau Wisconsin

Wausau Wisconsin

January 18, 2019

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Request for Proposals for EMS Billing and Electronic Patient Care Reporting System

The City of Wausau is requesting proposals from qualified providers for comprehensive EMS billing and collection services and related hardware devices and data collection software solutions to perform patient tracking and mobile electronic patient care reporting functions for the City of Wausau Fire Department.

A copy of the proposal is provided on the attached link

A fill in form of the questionnaire is provided on the attached link

ADDENDUM #1 - change in due date and clarification on ePCR system posted 11/12/2015 at 10:45AM


A copy of our executive summary for 2014 and 2013

Current Contract Pricing is   Phase One 6.8% of collections.  This period includes four billings with the final billing at 90 days.  Phase Two 24% of collections.  The delinquency is reported to TRIP during this phase.  Phase Three 33% of collections.  Typically accounts are 150 to 180 days old when they are moved to this phase. 

Trip Revenue 2014 $49,949 and 2015 to date is $45,949

2014 Mileage Report




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