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It’s time to celebrate what’s right about our community – the City of Wausau. Here’s your opportunity to join in and comment on why you love Wausau. This site is intended to focus on and bring out the positive things about our city, its employees and citizens.

When you see something or hear something good, send us your comment. Tell us the good news and include a picture, if you want. Selected articles and comments may be shown on this page.

On 2/13/14 the Mayor's Office received these kind words:

Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service. My water line froze in the street tonight so I called the answering service to report the problem. Chad showed up around 7pm and fixed the problem. He was very pleasant even after a very long day of working. Both the answering service and your service technician did an excellent job and it is very much appreciated!


On 1/3/14, the Mayor received these kind words:

Just wanted to express my gratitude to your community for the hospitality shown to my family during our stay last weekend.

We came to ski at Granite Peak. Our hotel clerk at the Howard Johnson recommended Sheperd and Schaller for a snowboarding helmet. When there I realized I misplaced my ID and credit card but thought it was left in our hotel. After two days of searching I received a call from the hotel saying Seth from Sheperd and Scaller was calling local hotels looking for me and had my cards!
Later that evening we planned to eat at the Red Eye restaurant, a place Seth recommended. We couldn't find it, however, even on the directory in town. Just then a kind gentleman pulled up to assist us, and escorted us all the way to the restaurant! He told me his name was Donny and he works out with you.
Coming from the Milwaukee area I was so impressed at the numerous, kind and trustworthy members in your community. I will certianly spread the word.


On 10/28/13 the City of Wausau received these words:

Last month I visited Wausau with my brother and sister. I was very much impressed with how clean and fresh everything looked, considering how old so many of the buildings are (I live in Los Angeles now, so most of the buildings look old to me.). All of the buildings looked good, and many have an interesting style of architecture.  I didn’t see any buildings in need of paint, I didn’t see any trash on the ground (except for one small spot), or any graffiti on walls or fences.

The parks are well maintained. We went to Riverside Park, Picnic Island, and Oak Park.  Although I was surprised you don’t have the swimming pool in Riverside Park anymore. I liked seeing the downtown city block that is now a park. And people were maintaining the Grand Theater. We enjoyed our visits to Rib Mountain Park and Marathon Park as well.

I liked walking in the old historic area; we stayed at the Rosenberry Inn.

We also saw the houses and neighborhoods we once lived in. We were Wausau residents from 1951 to 1965. This was my first visit to Wausau since then!

Most people we met were friendly and we got good service in restaurants, etc.

Almost all the streets are in good condition. Travel was generally easy, especially with the way Stewart Avenue goes into downtown. You may want to consult some old-timers to find out it used to be.


(I tried to send this through the Wausau city site, but the computer I'm using wouldn't let me. You may put any part of this message on the Why I Love Wausau site as you wish.)



On 8/2/13 the Mayor's office received this compliment:

I wanted to pass along a phone call we just received from a visitor from Cedarburg, WI.


This visitor and her husband had visited this last weekend and were very impressed with the Downtown area.  She used to live in Wausau.
They were in town to visit the family gravestones and check out her old neighborhood.  They were so impressed with the Downtown area that she just had to call and tell someone that a great job is being done.
We hear this on a regular basis from former residents stopping in at the Visitor Center and commenting on all the great changes!
It’s always nice to hear that the investments and hard work are being noticed and appreciated.
Keep it up Wausau!
Darien Schaefer, Executive Director
Wausau/Central Wisconsin Convention &  Visitors Bureau

On 3/6/13 the Mayor's office received this compliment:

Dear Mayor Tipple;

I am originally from Central Wisconsin and I am looking to move back to the area to be closer to my aging mother.  I am considering making Wausau my next home because I am so impressed with the progress that has been made with the redevelopment of the downtown area.  I had the pleasure of experiencing the downtown area recently and it truly has a modern, trendy feel to it now.  I have also done some research on Wausau online and came across the East River Redevelopment Master Plan and also the West.  I would strongly encourage Wausau to move ahead with these plans.  I feel that in order for the city to retain and attract educated young people, the city needs to have the look and feel of cities such as Madison and Minneapolis/St. Paul.

As I look to make my decision soon as to where I want to relocate, I will revisit downtown Wausau this spring or summer.  My hope is that the downtown can attract a high density, high quality apartment complex along the river soon.


On 6/12/12 the Mayor's office received the following compliment:

Hi there,

I was just looking for info about Wausau and stumbled across this link so I had to drop you a line.
I first visited Wausau in 1990, came back in 1993, 1994, 2011 and now again in 2012. I am originally from England and came to Wausau for international whitewater slalom competitions. When we visited, the people of Wausau, they had a homestay program. Over the years I stayed with 4 different families…two of these families ended up visiting us back in England, and such was our friendship.
Now I live much further away in New Zealand but this year I will return as a team coach with more young kayakers. I have always LOVED visiting Wausau. I love the pace of life, climate and the easy access to the outdoors whilst everything you need from a town is also right at your fingertips. Mostly though, I love the people. I haven’t met a local I didn’t like! Looking forward to meeting more of you in 3 weeks at the junior and U23 kayak world champs.
See you there Wausau and look out for the NZ team!!

On 9/16/11 the Mayor's office received an email from a visitor and it read:

I absolutely love Wausau.  It is Wisconsin at its most beautiful.  The trees are abundant and there is much to do!!  The air is crisp and clean and the people are friendly and kind.  I currently live in Chicago with my husband.  We are constantly planning how and when we will be able to move.   It is my dream to one day work as a librarian in Wausau.  I truly hope that my dream comes true!   


On 8/10/11 the Mayor received this comment and photo from a resident:

Hi, I am 7 years old and I attend school within the Wausau School District.  I like Wausau because I like playing in the Splash Pad on the 400 Block.  Here is my photo that my parents took.

Photo 1


On 5/26/11 a former Wausau resident who lived here for 13 years wrote this:

My family and I moved to Wausau in 1994 from suburban Chicago.  At that time, downtown was dilapidated and unattractive.  While the community was growing and pleasant, the city core lacked energy.  In the following years the downtown was completely renovated and exciting things began to happen all over the city. The creation of the open square off of Scott Street provided a wonderful place for city residents to gather and enjoy concerts and other events in downtown.  The expansion and renovation of the Grand Theater added to an already lively performing arts scene.  The growth of Rib Mountain's Granite Peak made Wausau a skiing destination.  The newly completed interchange of highways 29 and 51 improved the flow of traffic through the city.  The recent expansion of UW-Marathon County foretells a likely expansion into a four-year university.  Wausau has so many assets, and it takes only one look at downtown to realize that the city has a vibrance that cities twice its size often lack.  Since moving to Milwaukee and then to Boston several years ago, I realize how well Wausau has set itself up for success.  It's a great place to live and I would love to move back to Wausau in the future. 


On 2/8/11, the City of Wausau received this comment in an email message:

About 15 months ago a job opportunity took me away from Wausau (home for approximately 30 years) to Milwaukee.  Being uncertain of where I will live after this job, I have kept my doctor and dental providers in Wausau.  This ensures that I visit the area at least twice a year.

This past weekend while visiting I realized what a great community Wausau is.  Convenient services,  consistently good winter snow for skiing, snowshoeing, etc.  Plus curling and a wonderful YMCA facilities-I hit them all!  I also took a look at City Pages and realized the city, while not having the number of options a large metropolitan area has does host some nice performing arts events.  Couple all this with the friendly people of Wausau and it will be hard for me to not return to Wausau.  The other impressive thing about the people of Wausau are the number of outreach organizations-Laotian People to People Project, Good News, Kenya Water Project, Victims of War, etc.  There is much for Wausau to be proud of!