Why do we need to exchange your meter? The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, which regulates all Wisconsin water utilities, requires that all meters be tested. Residential and small commercial meters are to be exchanged and tested once every ten (10) years. This testing ensures that your water usage is correct and represents a fair billing. Generally, the meter exchange can be completed within a half hour.

Helpful hints for a smooth meter exchange – Water meters are generally located in the basement of your home or business. Keep the area around your meter clear for easy access. Keep the valves on either side of your meter in good operating condition. Remember, these valves are your property and may be needed in an emergency to turn off the water due to a broken fixture or pipe. Please note that our meter technicians will need to turn off your water to exchange the meter, so it is important that everyone in your family is aware of this temporary outage.

Please use our online form "Meter Exchange - Appointment Request".

Wausau Water Works appreciates your cooperation in exchanging the meter in your home or business.