Wausau Water Works bills are issued quarterly for charges for water, sewer, public fire protection and in some cases private fire protection (for buildings with indoor sprinkler systems).  Click here for a copy of the current rates.  Please note that rates for the water utility are determined by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin.


 Sewer charges are based on the amount of water that passes through the meter each billing quarter. 

Requests for sewer consumption adjustments will only be considered based upon a written request, and will be considered only if they meet the requirements outlined in the Sewer Consumption Adjustment Policy. Click here to obtain a copy of the policy and a Request for Sewer Consumption Adjustment form.
Property owners are responsible for maintaining the plumbing in their properties, which includes ensuring that there are no plumbing leaks, and that properties are adequately heated during winter months to avoid meter or pipe freezing/bursting.