The City has an ongoing program of maintaining traffic signs and pavement markings. Pavement markings, such as center lines, stop lines, crosswalks, parking spaces, etc., are done when the temperature is warm enough for the application of paint. Traffic signs, such as stop signs, no parking or restricted parking, caution signs, etc., are erected when authorized or as needed. Street name signs are posted when new streets are developed, and existing signs are replaced and upgraded as needed. Residents can call 715-261-6960 if signs are missing or have deteriorated and need to be replaced. Requests for stop signs or other traffic signs should be directed to the Police Department at 715-261-7800 for possible consideration by the Parking & Traffic Committee.


Questions regarding traffic signal timing should be directed to the Engineering Department at 715-261-6740. Reports of non-functioning lights or burned out bulbs should be reported to the Department of Public Works at 715-261-6960.