The Department of Public Works consists of four divisions:

  • Engineering, Phone 715-261-6740
  • Street Construction & Maintenance, Phone 715-261-6960
  • GIS, Phone 715-261-6757
  • Parking, Phone 715-261-6765


The Engineering Division plans, designs and administers the construction of streets, sanitary sewers, water mains, storm sewers, and sidewalks throughout the City. The Department also assists the public with inquiries regarding street grades, utilities locations, right-of-way locations, alley and street vacations, street projects, WisDOT projects, new subdivisions, parking and traffic control, drainage problems, and many other issues.


This is the division many people refer to as “Public Works”. The Construction and Maintenance Division maintains the city streets for the safety of all citizens and visitors of Wausau. This involves snow plowing, snow removal and ice control on over 234 centerline miles of streets and several miles of sidewalks. The Division also provides a Spring Large Item Clean-Up and Fall Leaf Pick-Up service to residents, and operates the City's Yard Waste Disposal Site. Street maintenance crews patch, seal coat, crack seal and sweep city streets. The storm sewer crew constructs and maintains the storm sewer system. The sign division maintains and installs all traffic information signs and pavement/traffic lines throughout the city. The Division also assists with emergencies such as storms, fires, traffic accidents and removal of debris from the roadway whenever the need arises.

GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

The GIS Division is responsible for the development and implementation of a modern system to maintain and display digital information on the city’s infrastructure. New mapping and database technology allows for the computerization of existing maps and database information so that accurate maps and data analysis can be made. Most requests for City maps are handled by the GIS Division.


The Parking Division operates the City’s surface parking lots, four parking ramps, and on-street parking meters. Over 3300 public parking spaces are provided in downtown Wausau. Parking is free in the four parking ramps on weekends and holidays. Parking is also free in parking lots and at street meters on Sundays and holidays.