Public Access is now ONLINE!

1/27/2017 - Wausau Area Access Channels is now Wausau Area Access Media.
Visit to view programs online at your convenience. 

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Wausau, WI, August 13 2012 – Today the Wausau City Council approved a proposal by David Dickinson and Kris Berge to reopen Wausau Area Access Channels by a vote of 11 to 0. In addition to serving as a way to locally exercise First Amendment rights of Free Speech, the Wausau Area Access Channels 980 and 981 will play an important role in our region, broadcasting area fabric-of-life events such as:

  • local and regional candidate forums and volunteer recognitions
  • unedited coverage of our local city council, school board and county board meetings
  • complete game coverage of our local high school sports teams
  • local high school graduations
  • local church services,
  • local parades
  • locally produced programs and informational programs created by local services and non-profit organizations
  • programs from federal agencies such as Social Security, NASA and the Armed Services
  • programs to explain changes or improvements in services and procedures

We are now accepting programming on DVDs. Please drop programs off at the Wausau City Hall Customer Service Desk and ask for a Playback Request Form or download the PDF.