The Wausau Police Department's philosophy of policing includes the concept of transparency with our community.  With this in mind, we would like to share our entire policy manual with the community so those interested in learning more about how we go about our work can read a portion (or all) of our policy manual.  This is a large document, but our officers train regularly on the content of this manual.  In addition, we are constantly seeking to improve our practices to make sure we are on the forefront of best practices for law enforcement in the United States.

The manual of the Wausau Police Department is hereby established and shall be referred to as the Policy Manual or the manual. The manual is a statement of the current policies, rules and guidelines of this department. All members are to conform to the provisions of this manual in an effort to maintain high levels of professional conduct that embody the vision, mission and values of the Wausau Police Department.

Except where otherwise expressly stated, the provisions of this manual shall be considered as guidelines. It is recognized that the work of law enforcement is not always predictable and circumstances may arise which warrant departure from these guidelines. It is the intent of this manual to be viewed from an objective standard, taking into consideration the sound discretion entrusted to members of this department under the circumstances reasonably available at the time of any incident.

The provisions contained in the Policy Manual are not intended to create an employment contract nor any employment rights or entitlements. The policies contained within this manual are for the internal use of the Wausau Police Department and shall not be construed to create a higher standard or duty of care for civil or criminal liability against the City, its officials or members. Violations of any provision of any policy contained within this manual shall only form the basis for department administrative action,training or discipline. The Wausau Police Department reserves the right to revise any policy content, in whole or in part. 

Wausau Police Department Policies can be viewed here