The Wausau Police Department Organizational Chart  

The Wausau Police Department is led by a Chief of police who is responsible for all department operations.  The chief's command team consists of the Deputy Chief, Patrol Captain and Investigations Captain.

The Patrol Captain heads up a Patrol Bureau of 8 Patrol Lieutenants and 40 Patrol Officers.  One Administrative Lieutenant, two Parking Control Specialists and approximately 22 Crossing Guards round out this bureau.  The 30 members of the Wausau Emergency Police also serve as a volunteer auxiliary to the Patrol Bureau.

The Investigations Captain is responsible for two Detective Lieutenants and six Detectives.  Additionally, the Investigations Captain oversees other specialty units and assignments including the Community Resource Unit.  This unit consists of one Lieutenant and four Community Resource Officers.  The Community Resource Lieutenant also supervises two officers assigned to the Marathon County Sheriff's Department Special Investigations Unit and approximately 10 seasonal Community Service Officers.  Responsibility for the Victim Response Unit falls under this bureau as well.  This unit includes a Mental Health Therapist and Victim Response Detective.  Finally, four School Resource Officers, one Evidence Technician and one Animal Control Officer are also part of this bureau.

The office/clerical responsibilites are overseen by an Administrative Supervisor who supervises one Computer Technician and five Customer Service staff members.