Every police officer knows that through the course of their duties, they maybe called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice. We want every member of this department to know that if they are called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice, he/she will never be forgotten. A memorial is located in the lobby of the Public Safety Building.

Officer Edward Baerwald Edward Baerwald

Rank: Patrolman
Years of Service: 16
Age:  59
End of Watch: 8/15/1928
Cause: Accidental

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Officer Baerwald was killed after being knocked to the ground by a cable, resulting in a skull fracture. He was working crowd control for a presidential parade in honor of President Calvin Coolidge at the time of the accident.

The Wausau Record Herald newspaper article from August 16th, 1928 reads as follows:

"Patrolman Edward Baerwald Dies of a Fractured Skull. Received Injuries Yesterday While on Duty During Presidential Parade.

Patrolman Edward Baerwald of the Wausau police force died at 5:20 o'clock last evening at the Wausau Memorial Hospital of injuries received about 11:00 o'clock in the forenoon while on duty at Clark street and S. First avenue during the presidential parade to Marathon park. Officers Baerwald and Walter Coerper had been stationed there to keep the crowds from encroaching on the reserved sections of the street. After the procession had passed Officer Coerper was taking his motorcycle through the cable barrier. He was assisted by officer Baerwald who held the cable on the sidewalk. Either the motorcycle caught the cable or Mr. Baerwald's foot slipped, for the cable suddenly flew up catching Officer Baerwald and throwing him violently backwards onto the concrete pavement, his head coming in contact with the pavement. He was rendered semi conscious and was picked up by other officers and placed in an automobile.

At Clinton street he was transferred to the city ambulance and rushed to the hospital, but it was not believed at the time that his injuries were of a serious nature. Later an X-ray was taken and a fracture of the base of the skull was shown and death came at 5:20 o'clock."