Wausau Wisconsin


January 19, 2018

In compliance with Wisconsin Statute 19.34, the City of Wausau Police Department hereby established the following procedures as they apply to Public Records in its custody: Records Request Notice

Accident Reports


Accident/Crash Reports are available by mail, email or in person for the cost of $.25 per page; however if the cost of the report is less than $5.00 we will not implement the fee 


You may also obtain the accident/crash report directly from the Department of Transportation (DOT) website: https://app.wi.gov/crashreports


Incident Reports


Incident Reports are police reports other than accident/traffic crash reports, from traffic warnings to formal investigative reports.  All incident reports are reviewed prior to being released.  The review process includes redacting (blacking out) confidential information.  The requester will be notified of any redactions or denials.  This process takes time.  Depending on the requested records, this may take up to two weeks or in some cases longer.  

To request an incident report, complete the   Record’s Request form.    Please state what report you are looking for by including; incident date, address, parties involved & nature of call.  This form can then be faxed to 715-261-7888 or emailed to Susan.Lang@ci.wausau.wi.us.

All reports are $.25 per page plus postage however; if the cost of the report is less than $5.00 we will not implement the fee.  A CD/DVD of digital pictures, body worn camera videos, or squad videos is $5.00 per CD or DVD, plus postage.  For larger requests the requester will be notified prior to starting the project.

In-House Record Checks

The police department will produce an   In-House Record Check  for a fee of $5.00 per person.  The In-house record check will list police contacts and/or, citations & arrests.  Print the PDF file link above and follow the instructions.  The In-House Record Check will be emailed back to you.  If you are requesting information on someone other than yourself, you will need to provide a written consent authorizing the Wausau Police Department to release their information to you, however the juvenile information will not be released.  Link to the Authorization Form.

The state of WI Criminal Information Bureau (CIB) profides a state criminal history check.  The link to their website is:  https://recordcheck.doj.wi.gov

The FBI’s Identity History Summary check can be found at this website address: