Wausau Wisconsin


March 28, 2017

The Wausau Police Department has divided the city into six sectors. These sectors are designated Sector A through Sector F. The following is list of sector officers and descriptions of the sector boundaries:

  • Sector A is bordered by the river on the west side to the city limits on the east side and E. Bridge St. on the south side to the city limits on the north side.

    Shift Officer Phone


      Kevin Cornell (715) 261-7976
      Mark Kurtzhals (715) 261-7967
      Houa Lee (715) 261-7994
      John Phillips (715) 261-7875
  • Sector D is bordered by the river and Lake Wausau to the east and south, S. 17th Ave on the west side, and Stewart Av. to the north.

    Shift Officer Phone
      Pao Yang (715) 261-7981
      Joe St. Amand (715) 261-7996
      Brent Olson (715) 261-7982
      Patrice Pettigrew (715) 261-7872
  • Sector E is bordered by city limits to the north, west, and south, and 17th Ave to the east.

    Shift Officer Phone
      Tom Hines (715) 261-7959
      Brent Tidquist (715) 261-7978
      David Jordan (715) 261-7962
      Anthony Reince (715) 261-7950
  • Sector F is bordered by city limits on the north, the river to the east, Stewart Ave. to the south, and N. 17th Ave. to the west.

    Shift Officer Phone
      Steve Kickhaver (715) 261-7968
      Dale Zander (715) 261-7974
      Dave Prokop (715) 261-7985
      Dean Talg (715) 261-7977
      Nathan Porath (715) 261-7989
      Eric Lemirand (715) 261-7991
      Nate Stetzer (715) 261-7970
  • Power Shift There are one to three officers that come in on a power shift that cover the sectors that need assistance.

Shift Officer Phone
  Tom Peterson (715) 261-7971
  Jill Kurtzhals (715) 261-7988
  Shawn Pierschalla (715) 261-7948
  Mark Jaeger (715) 261-7961
  Max LaPorte (715) 261-7854
  Jacob Albee (715) 261-7983
  Jon Kindlarski (715)261-7969
  Jeff Schremp (715) 261-7993

Each shift has one to three sector officers assigned to each sector. The sector officer is assigned to patrol their sector during their shift. The sector officer is also responsible for taking all calls for service in their sector during their shift, being aware of crimes or problems occurring within the sector. In addition to patrol duties, the sector officers also serve as liaisons for the department to any neighborhood groups that may be active within the sector.


updated 08/06/2013