We host neighborhood meetings monthly. This is an opportunity to meet the Officers that work in your area and discuss neighborhood concerns you may have with them. 

Werle Neighborhood Group Meeting

When: 3rd Monday of each month at 6:30 PM
Where: UWMC RM #240 
Boundaries:  West Street to Stewart Ave, 3rd Ave to 9th Ave
Contact Person:  Dennis Smith 715-212-4557 

Alderperson:  Dennis Smith  715-212-4557 (dennis.smith@ci.wausau.wi.us)


Longfellow Neighborhood Group Meeting

When: 1st Monday of each month at 6:30pm.
Where: Police Department Community Room - 515 Grand Avenue
Boundaries:  Townline Rd to Forest St, Grand Ave east to railroad tracks
Contact  Person:  Anne Heidemann  715-845-4148

Alderperson:  Romey Wagner  715-848-5506 (romey.wagner@ci.wausau.wi.us)


Westies Neighborhood Group Meeting

When:  2nd Monday of each month at 6:30pm
Where: Labor Temple, 318 S 3rd Ave, Ballroom (use 4th Ave entrance)
Boundaries:  Stewart Ave to Bridge St., 1st Ave to 14th Ave
Contact Person:  Deb Ryan  715-803-4909 (eskimodeb@yahoo.com)

Alderpersons:  Dennis Smith 715-573-7994 (dennis.smith@ci.wausau.wi.us),  Dave Nutting  715-842-2589 (david_nutting@hotmail.com), Karen Kellbach  715-675-2694 (karen.kellbach@ci.wausau.wi.us)  Joe Gehin 715-842-1028 (joe.gehin@ci.wausau.wi.us)


East Towne Neighborhood Group Meeting

When: 2nd Monday of each month at 5:30pm
Where:  The Neighbors Place - 745 Scott Street
Boundaries:  6th St to 13th St., Franklin to Forest St
Contact Person:  Deanna Schuette 715-218-4434 (dschuette@unitedwaymc.org)  
Alderperson:  Dave Nutting  715-842-2589 (david.nutting@ci.wausau.wi.us)


Southwest G.D. Jones Neighborhood

When: 4th Monday of each month at 6:30 pm
Where:  G.D. Jones Elementary School, cafeteria
Boundaries: Thomas Street to West Street, 17th Avenue to 3th Avenue
Contact: Molly Jacobs (moljakes@ymail.com)
Alderperson: Sherry Abitz  715-843-0990 (sherry.abitz@co.marathon.wi.us)


Athletic Park

When:  1st Monday at 6:30 pm
Where:  People's State Bank
Boundaries:  Franklin St to E. Bridge St., 5th St to 10th St.
Contact Person:  Jaci Kell   715-847-4105 (jaci.kell@bankpeoples.com)

Alderpersons:  Tom Neal  715-573-6042 (tom.neal@ci.wausau.wi.us) & Gary Gisselman  715-848-5160 (garygisselman@yahoo.com) Becky McElhaney 715-581-3762 (becky.mcelhaney@ci.wausau.wi.us)


Forest Park

When:  3rd Tuesday at 6:30 pm
Where:  Forest Park Village
Boundaries:  Sylvan to Winton St., N 6th St to 13th St.
Contact:  Marie Schmidt  715-845-9559 or Dick Rayborn  715-845-2665 or (ForestParkNeighborhood@aol.com)

Alderpersons:  Gary Gisselman  715-848-5160 (garygisselman@yahoo.com) & Becky McElhaney  715-581-3762 becky.mcelhaney@ci.wausa.wi.us)


South-East Side Neighborhood

When:  3rd Monday of each month at 6:30 pm
Where:  Wausau Municipal Airport
Boundaries:  Lakeview Dr to Sturgeon Eddy, Grand Ave to the Lake
Contact:  Joan Jackson  715-842-1464 (jokajax@yahoo.com)

Alderperson:  Pat Peckham  715-845-1396 (patrick.peckham@ci.wausau.wi.us)


Riverview Neighborhood

When:  3rd Thursday at 6:30pm
Where:  Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 930 Edgewood Rd.
Boundaries:  Jim Moore Creek to the south, the Wisconsin River to the west, the Wausau City limits to the east and north
Contact:  Becky McEhlaney 715-581-3762 (becky.mcelhaney@ci.wausau.wi.us

Alderperson:  Becky McEhlaney  715-581-3762 (becky.mcelhaney@ci.wausau.wi.us)