Registrations for 2019 Bow Hunt will be accepted starting August 12, 2019

Wisconsin law (Act 71) passed December 14, 2013 caused the City of Wausau and other city governments to modify existing or create local ordinances on bow hunting within city limits in order to comply with Act 71. The City of Wausau has made modifications to its “bow hunting” ordinance, Section 9.08.010.

                         Act 71                                                                            Ordinance 9.08.010

Hunters wishing to bow hunt within the city limits of Wausau should know the following:

· Bow hunting in the City of Wausau, to include crossbows, IS permissible. Hunting with a firearm IS NOT allowed.

· Bow hunting must be done in accordance with Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources regulations.

· Bow hunters hunting on private property no longer are required to register with the Wausau Police Department…BUT bow hunters wishing to hunt undeveloped city-owned property in the West Industrial Park MUST register with the Wausau Police Department before hunting.  City of Wausau West Industrial Park bow hunt registration form

· Bow hunters shall not hunt within 200 feet of a building on another person’s land used for human occupancy unless the person who owns the land allows the hunter to do so.

· Bow hunters shall discharge the arrow or bolt in a direction described as “immediately toward the ground”.

· Bow hunting is NOT allowed in any city/county park.


  • The City of Wausau does not provide permit tags for deer hunting.  Bow hunters must use their DNR issued permit tags.
  • Renters should have landowner permission to hunt property where they reside.

For questions concerning hunting in the City of Wausau, please contact –

Wausau Police Lieutenant Bill Kolb
Ph. 715.261-7805