2013 Bow Deer Hunt

The City of Wausau revised the Municipal Code in 2008 creating ordinance 9.08.010(b) which allows archery hunting of whitetail deer within the city limits.  The ordinance is restrictive to protect the public and the rights of property owners.  (The use of firearms for hunting deer is NOT permitted within city limits.)


Registration for the 2013 Bow Deer Hunt begins August 19th.


The City of Wausau Archery Deer Hunt ordinance requires the following:

  • 200 feet of separation between the point where the hunting arrow is released and any public or commercial buidling, public road, park, or residence unless the hunter owns or resides at that residence. 

  • 6 feet up - the hunter must release the arrow from an elevated deer stand which is positioned at least six feet above the ground level. 

  • Compliance with all rules and regulations of  the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (to include blaze orange requirement during certain dates) and City ordinances.  (Hunting season dates for archery hunting deer in the City of Wausau are the same as Wisconsin DNR Archery Deer Season dates.)

                    2013 DNR Archery Deer Season Dates:

                                     September 14, 2013  - November 21, 2013

                                     November 23, 2013 - January 5, 2014

                                     Antlerless Deer ONLY  December 12-15, 2013                          

  • No feeding or baiting of deer is allowed per DNR regulations and city ordinance.
  • Hunters must register with the Wausau Police Department first -  the hunter must register and receive written approval from the Wausau Police Depratment prior to hunting.  Approval or disapproval of the hunters request will be sent within several days of receipt of the hunter's registration. 

Additional :

  • Get permission from adjacent landowner's ahead of time to retrieve a downed deer.

  • City-owned property in Wausau's west side industrial park is available to bow hunt.  Hunters must still register with the Wausau Police Department to hunt this property.  A map of city-owned areas available to hunt can be obtained from the Wausau Police Department or by clicking on the link below.   There is no limit on the number of hunters allowed to register for City property.  HUNTERS MUST BE COURTEOUS TO EACH OTHER WHEN HUNTING THIS CITY-OWNED PROPERTY.  DO NOT TRESPASS ON THE BUSINESS'S PRIVATE PROPERTY.  IT IS A PRIVILEGE PROVIDED BY THE CITY AND PROBLEMS FROM HUNTERS MAY RESULT IN ITS LOSS. 

  • Some owners of private property in the City of Wausau frustrated by deer damage have expressed interest in wanting to see their property bow hunted.  If you are a bow hunter looking for property to hunt, view the list of private properties available to bow hunt You MUST still contact the property owner to obtain permission to hunt.  Also you MUST register with the Wausau Police Department to hunt the property (no letter of consent from property owner is required).

  • Property owners who wish to have their property added to the list of private properties available to bow hunt should contact Wausau Police Lt. Bill Kolb at the contact information listed below.

  • FAQ's

          Information packet on How to Register.   

         Map of city owned land available for hunting in the Industrial Park.   


Lt. Bill Kolb
Wausau Police Department
Phone: 715.261.7879
Email:  click here


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