Wausau Wisconsin


January 18, 2019

The City of Wausau is working with the consulting firm GRAEF on developing a master plan for the Thomas Street corridor.  The plan takes into account many factors relating to reconstructing the street and enhancing development throughout the corridor.

The economic development portion of the plan includes different redevelopment scenarios for the corridor and is based on a market analysis and input from the local development community.  Other input, from city officials, local businesses, and neighborhood residents, also helps form recommendations in the plan.  An updated traffic analysis helps determine the necessary street improvements, while an urban design plan will guide redevelopment of the corridor.

A draft of the plan is available here.  (Please be advised the size of this file is 18 MB.)

City committees will meet to discuss the plan in more detail before Common Council votes on whether to adopt the plan. 

Large-scale printouts of portions of the plan are available in the Engineering Department.