Wausau Wisconsin


January 16, 2019

North 28th Avenue Improvement Project, from Westhill Drive, City of Wausau, North to County Trunk Highway K, Town of Maine

In 2003, Marathon County highway officials began working with the City of Wausau and Town of Maine to establish a corridor for improving 28th Avenue, from Westhill Drive to County Trunk Highway K. After considerable public input and preliminary engineering work, a consensus corridor was established which routes 28th Avenue to the west of its current alignment in order to reduce the grade when traveling northbound up the steep hill. This corridor was formally mapped through action of the County Board of Supervisors and anyone wishing to build or sell land located within this corridor should contact the Highway Commissioner before doing so. The City of Wausau also established this corridor on its Official City Map to provide some additional assurance that people would not be constructing new buildings or expanding existing buildings that are located within this corridor. The map of the area between Westhill Drive and Apple Lane is available as a PDF.

Marathon County has begun the purchase of land within this corridor and will continue to do so as funds and willing sellers become available, until probably 2014 or 2015 when the County may move forward with full scale land acquisition. Following land acquisition, the County anticipates extension of the existing four-lane street south of Westhill Drive north to at least Apple Lane. By that time, the existing 28th Avenue will be very much in need of reconstruction and traffic volume on this street section is anticipated to grow as development in the urban area moves farther into the northwest quadrant of the community.

This is a long term project which represents a northward extension of the western arterial, County Trunk Highway R. This western arterial is intended to serve as a local, parallel arterial street to US Highway 51, providing limited access to abutting property while keeping local, short-trip traffic off of US Highway 51. In the very long term, it is anticipated that this street will connect with a north bridge crossing the Wisconsin River and link with County Trunk Highway X, the eastern arterial, on the east side of the Wisconsin River. Collectively, these arterial streets will eventually form a loop around the Wausau Urban Area.

The remaining segment of the western arterial, from Apple Lane north, can be seen as a PDF (Pages 1-5).

Finally, in conjunction with extending County Trunk Highway R northward, Marathon County highway officials also established a corridor for widening County Trunk Highway U, between Arthur Avenue and North 36th Avenue. This corridor can be viewed as a PDF (Pages 6-7).

An entire project photo is also available as a PDF.