Wausau Wisconsin


December 14, 2018

The Wausau Plan was completed in February, 1995 by the Mayor’s Office, with input from various City department heads. The plan highlights some general priorities and goals for the community and is designed to improve the use of resources, help measure effectiveness, and provide the City with a clear direction for the future. The plan contains an overall theme which is intended to be followed as the City faces issues - "That goals are to be set and decisions are to be made only in the best interest of the residents and businesses of Wausau." Seven goals are established in the plan for different topical areas and include:

Goal 1. Maintain Wausau’s financial strength and stable tax rates.
Goal 2. Promote economic growth and job creation.
Goal 3. Enhance police, fire and ambulance services.
Goal 4. Foster housing development.
Goal 5. Maintain and improve our public infrastructure.
Goal 6. Prepare for and meet changing needs for recreational facilities and programs.
Goal 7. Examine and, where prudent, institute cooperation and consolidation with our neighbors.

This plan was adopted by the Wausau Common Council and distributed through a bulk mailing to all households in the City of Wausau.