Wausau Wisconsin


January 18, 2019

The City of Wausau completed an extensive review of its draft comprehensive plan and on January 24, 2006, the Common Council held a public hearing on the plan and the ordinance which would adopt the plan. Following a public presentation and testimony on the final draft plan, the Common Council met on February 28, 2006, and adopted Ordinance Number 61-5283, thereby adopting the City of Wausau Comprehensive Plan. The adopted Comprehensive Plan contains recommendations about future land use, street improvement projects and new parks and also identifies a 45-year growth boundary for the City. 

Anyone wishing to comment on Volume I or Volume II of the City's adopted Comprehensive Plan or on any of the related Tables and Figures may do so by sending an email to: planning@mail.ci.wausau.wi.us

The following PDF files are available (300KB - 2.4MB).