Wausau Wisconsin


December 14, 2018

On November 11, 2003 the Wausau Common Council held a public hearing to repeal and recreate Title 21, Plats and Subdivisions, of the Wausau Municipal Code. The approved text of Title 21 affects almost all elements of the regulations governing the procedures and costs for creating new residential lots in the City and within three miles of Wausau. The approved text also modifies the regulations for preparing and filing certified survey maps of land within the City and in the unincorporated area within three miles of the city limits.

A copy of the entire approved text of Title 21, Plats and Subdivision, is on file and is available for public viewing in the Office of the City Clerk, 407 Grant Street, and can be obtained here (PDF). Also available is information about the plat pre-application process (PDF), an application form for approval of a preliminary plat (PDF), and an application form for approval of a final plat (PDF).

Questions regarding the approved revisions to Title 21 or the City’s plat approval process may be directed to the City Planner, Brad Lenz, at 261-6753.