Boat Launches

Update April 9, 2019: As a result of the Wisconsin River draw-down expected to begin April 15 and last through December, at some point, the Gilbert Park and Scholfield Park boat launches will become unusable to access the water.  Until that point, the boat launches remain open.  In addition, beginning May 1, the DNR is temporarily closing fishing on Wausau Dam Lake and part of the Wisconsin River.  Read the full article here.

County Launches

City Launches
Big Eau Pleine Gilbert
D.C. Everest Memorial

Bluegill Bay

Oak Island
Mission Lake Scholfield



Use of the above boat launches requires the user to purchase a daily permit or annual boat launch permt.

Stickers may be ordered during the boating season by completing a self-registration envelope form out at any of the six county park, OR four city park boat landings during the boating season. The annual sticker will be mailed to your residence within seven days.


Annual Sticker $30
Business Sticker $50
Second Sticker $10
Daily Pass $5
Lost Sticker Before Affixed to the Trailer $10
Replacement Sticker (Bring old one in) $0

All prices include Wisconsin and Marathon County Sales Tax.

Please complete a registration form for each sticker purchased.  Registration forms are available at the boat launches and at the Park Administrative Office, 212 River Drive, Wausau.

Please note that THE WAUSAU * MARATHON COUNTY BOAT LAUNCH sticker is not valid at any Village of Rothschild or City of Schofield boat landing.

A replacement sticker may be issued at no charge when a trailer is sold. Simply peel the sticker off the trailer and bring it into the Park Office, 212 River Drive, Suite #2 to receive a free replacement sticker. Complete a new registration form and attach the old sticker to it.

Stickers for an additional trailer are available for a $10 fee at the Park Office.

If the original sticker becomes illegible, you may obtain a free replacement by removing the original sticker and bringing it to the Park Administrative Office, 212 River Drive, Suite 2, Wausau.

Immediate family members may purchase boat launch stickers for their trailer if family member lives at the same address.

If vehicle(s) are registered to a business/agency, an employee may purchase on behalf of the organization.

Stickers are valid at the following boat launch areas maintained by the Wausau and Marathon County Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Department:



Boat Launch Fee Questions:
1. What if I own 4 trailers, how much are extra stickers? Trailer #1=$30.00, Trailer #2=$10.00, Trailer #3=$30.00, Trailer #4=$10.00 etc...
2. What if I sell my trailer with a sticker on it? The seller must remove the old sticker and complete a new CITY OF WAUSAU AND MARATHON COUNTY BOAT LAUNCH PERMIT form (P112) to obtain a free replacement sticker.

Note: If the seller leaves the sticker on the trailer after it is sold (or junked), the seller is not eligible for a free replacement sticker. They may however, purchase a replacement sticker for $10.00.

3. If I purchase a trailer with a current sticker, is the sticker valid for me to use? Yes, as long as the original purchaser does not remove it to obtain a free replacement sticker, (see Q2 and A2).
4. What if I launch my boat at park A and take-out at park B on the same date? Requires one daily permit valid for that date or an annual sticker.
5. What if I launch my boat on date 1 and take-out on date 2? Requires two daily permits, one valid for the launch date and a second valid for the take-out date or an annual sticker.
6. What if I lose the sticker before it's attached? Purchase a replacement sticker for $10.00.
7. What if someone else uses my trailer to launch or take-out their boat? That's OK, as long as the trailer has an annual sticker or the towing vehicle has a valid daily permit.
8. When do I need a daily permit or annual sticker? Whenever the ramp is used to launch watercraft (boat, kayak, canoe, paddleboard, amphibious car, etc.) with a trailer, including periods when the parks are closed between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. The park ordinance allows persons to be in a park at any hour if they are transporting watercraft to and from designated boat landings.
9. What if I trailer my watercraft (boat, kayak, canoe, or paddleboard, etc.) to the launch but do not back my trailer into the water on the ramp and carry my watercraft to and from the water? No daily permit or annual sticker is required.
10. What if I don't have a trailer and carry my watercraft (boat, kayak, canoe, paddleboard, etc.) to the water and launch it on the ramp? SAME AS A9.
11. Do I need a daily permit or annual sticker to access a body of water for ice fishing? No.
12. Can annual stickers be sold through the mail? Yes, once payment has been received with a completed CITY OF WAUSAU AND MARATHON COUNTY BOAT LAUNCH PERMIT form (P112).
13. What do I need to purchase an annual sticker? SAME AS A12.
14. Which boat landings require a daily pass or annual sticker? ALL CITY OF WAUSAU AND MARATHON COUNTY PARKS
Big Eau Pleine Park
Bluegill Bay Park
D.C. Everest Park
Mission Lake Park
Gilbert Park
Memorial Park
Oak Island Park
Scholfield Park
15. Which boat landings do not require a daily permit or annual sticker? NONE
16. Why was the placement location of the annual sticker changed from the towing vehicle's windshield to the boat's trailer tongue? This change allows boaters to tow their trailer with multiple vehicles and will eliminate complaints about putting stickers on vehicle windshields.
17. If I have an amphibious car and drive it into or out of the water do I need a daily permit or annual sticker? Yes. If a trailer is not used to transport and launch the amphibious car, the operator must purchase a daily permit or annual sticker for the amphibious car. The annual sticker must be attached by its own adhesive anyplace on hte amphibious car.