Wausau Wisconsin


July 25, 2017

In 2014, the Central Wisconsin Off-road Cycling Coalition (CWOCC) requested that Sylvan Hill Park be allowed to become a mountain bike park.

CWOCC is the local chapter of the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA).  Locations that offer a variety of quality mountain biking facilities within 15 miles of a community that provides the necessary support services can qualify for designation as an IMBA Ride Center.  There are currently about 15 IMBA ride centers worldwide with two in the Midwest.  One is Copper Harbor, MI and the other is in northern Minnesota.  These ride centers attract over 30,000 riders annually.  Wausau has the opportunity to become the next IMBA Ride Center due to its existing facilities, existing support services for outdoor recreationists, appropriate land opportunities for future facilities, and a dedicated local mountain biking community.  CWOCC has developed a master plan to achieve ride center designation and Sylvan Hill Park has been identified as having great potential to become a high quality multi-faceted mountain bike park.

Sylvan Bike Park Plan:

The City of Wausau wishes to develop a multi-feature mountain bike facility which would include a trailhead, pump track, skills area, and multiple downhill flow trails of varying degrees of difficulty.

During this process a public meeting was held in October, 2015 where the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department presented the plan and took public comments.