1. Remove Hats
  2. Sit in Front Rows
  3. No Smoking
  4. No Gum Chewing, Drinking or Eating
  5. Maintain Silence Until Your Case is Called
  6. No Weapons of any Kind Permitted in Courtroom (Except for Service Firearms of Police Officers)
  7. No Pagers or Cell phones

Persons who fail to conduct themselves in an orderly manner may be cited for contempt.


When your name is called, please advance promptly to the podium in front of the bench. The judge will then inform you of the charge(s) and the consequences of your plea, i.e., traffic demerit points, minimum and maximum forfeitures, etc. You will be asked to enter your plea. Your past record, if any, will be reviewed and depending on the seriousness of the present charge and any past record, judgment will be rendered accordingly. You may request time to pay the forfeiture and costs. Those pleading "Not Guilty" will receive Notices of future court appearances, such as Notices of Pre-Trial Conference or Notices of Trial by mail or before you leave. You MUST notify the Court of any Change of Address you may have.

Upon a finding of Guilt, a forfeiture, and other penalties may be imposed. The Court will determine when the forfeiture is to be paid. Forfeitures are payable at the Wausau Clerk Customer Service Office. If you fail to pay your forfeiture(s), your driver’s license shall be suspended, any income tax refunds intercepted or, in some cases, you may be committed to jail.