METRO RIDE PROCUREMENT POLICY: Metro Ride has adopted a procurement policy in order to provide uniform guidance in the purchase of supplies, equipment, services and property.  The policy is intended to: encourage open and free competition to the greatest extent possible; make the most efficient use of Federal, State and local tax dollars by paying the optimum price for goods or services purchased; ensure that all Metro Ride purchases are made in compliance with Federal, State and local laws; and prevent potential waste, fraud, abuse and conflicts of interest in the procurement process.  Procedures established in the policy are intended to conform to applicable federal law including 2 CFR Part 200, FTA C 4220.1F and the current FTA Master Agreement.  

NOTICE OF FEDERAL PARTICIPATION: The City of Wausau/Metro Ride is a recipient of funds from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).  All FTA funded procurement activity conducted by Metro Ride will comply with all applicable Federal laws and regulations. 

VENDOR ACCEPTANCE FTA TERMS: Vendors doing business with Metro Ride must comply with all applicable Federal requirements, as defined by FTA procurement clauses referenced below.  Applicability of each clauses is determined based on procurement type and size.  Vendors must review and accept all clauses and certifications as a condition of contact award.

FTA REQUIREMENTS: As set forth in the FTA Master Agreement as authorized by 49 U.S.C., the full text of all FTA required clauses will be provided to Vendors upon request.   Select FTA required clauses are available below.  All FTA required clauses and the background law contained in the CFR are available at Requirements that may be applicable to Metro Ride procurements are referenced below:

  1. All Contracts – Mandatory: Access to Records and Reports; Civil Rights Requirements; Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE); Energy Conservation; Federal Changes; Incorporation of FTA Terms; No Federal Government Obligations to Third Parties; Program Fraud and False or Fraudulent Statements and Related Acts.
  2. All Contracts – Conditional (as applicable): ADA Access; Bus Testing; Cargo Preference; Charter Service Operations; Drug and Alcohol Testing; Fly America; Patent Rights; Rights in Data & Copyrights; Pre-Award & Post Delivery Audits; Privacy Act; Transit Employee Protective Arrangements.
  3. Construction Contracts over $2,000: Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act; Copeland Anti-Kickback Act; Davis/Bacon Act; Seismic Safety (new building construction only).
  4. Contracts over $10,000: Recycled Products (material contracts); Termination
  5. Contracts over $25,000: Debarment and Suspension
  6. Contracts over $100,000 (as applicable): Bonding Requirements; Breaches and Dispute Resolution; Clean Air and Clean Water Requirements; Lobbying; Transit Vehicle Manufacturer Certifications; Buy America


PROCUREMENT INQUIRIES:  Any questions regarding FTA procurement requirements or the Metro Ride procurement policy should be directed to Greg Seubert, Transit Director at 715-842-9287 or