• Responsible for supervising a work force of approximately 350 city officers and employees
  • Management of city government functions such as the City Charter Law, Municipal Borrowing, Taxation, Elections, Health, Traffic, Open Meeting Law, Police, Fire, Public Works, Airport, Zoning, Housing, Redevelopment, Wausau Water Works, Planning, etc
  • Overseeing the City of Wausau Common Council meetings the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month
  • Management of Wausau Area Access Cable (WAAC) channels
  • Oversees the Mayor's Youth Action Council meetings on a monthly basis
  • Manages the N2N (Neighbor to Neighbor) Committee meetings once a month


  • Provides leadership to further city development and growth
  • Administers programs for city development


  • Responsible for $55 million dollar budget and all fiscal matters in connection with taxation and operation


  • Develops and coordinates all public relations materials, bi-annual newsletter "Wausau Works For You", city web site, and city logo
  • Prepares and delivers proclamations, recognitions, and other ceremonial functions
  • Resolves constituent complaints
  • Manages purchase and inventory of "Welcome Home to Wausau" momentos
  • Organizes employee events


  • Appoints various members to City Boards, Commission, and Committees
  • Appoints members to Standing Committees of the City Council