A nonstanding citizen committee called N2N (Neighbor to Neighbor) was established in August 2004. The N2N committee’s purpose is to empower citizen neighborhood associations to help residents improve their living conditions and the overall quality of life inside their residential area.   Several of these groups have formed and continue to function independently for the betterment of their neighborhoods. The city of Wausau offers and makes available tactical support and informational resources to assist these groups in achieving their goals. Neighborhood Groups MAP


  • Athletic Park Neighborhood Group (Page /Map)
  • East Towne Neighborhood Group (Page / Map)
  • Forest Park Neighborhood Group (Page / Map)
  • Longfellow District (Page / Map)
  • Northwest Neighborhood Group (Page) / Map)
  • Riverview Neighborhood Group (Page / Map)
  • Southeast Side Neighborhood Group (Page / Map)
  • SW Jones District Neighborhood Group (Page / Map)
  • Werle Park Neighborhood Group (Page / Map)
  • Westies Neighborhood Group (Page / Map)