Flood Hazard Information Updated:  July 2010

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has recently completed a preliminary flood insurance study (FIS) and digital flood insurance rate maps (DFIRM) for Marathon County.

The flood insurance study revises and updates information on the existence and severity of flood hazards throughout Marathon County, including the City of Wausau. This 74-page report provides detailed information about the primary flood problems throughout the County as well as flood protection measures that have been implemented. A detailed explanation of the engineering methods used to determine the extent of the floodplain boundaries is also included in the report.

The digital flood insurance rate maps that cover the City of Wausau can be accessed by first finding the map of interest on the Map Index for Wausau and then clicking the corresponding map number listed below. Each of these individual flood insurance rate maps shows the limits of the various flood hazard zones adjacent to the waterways studied.

In its letter of transmittal to Mayor Jim Tipple, the Federal Emergency Management Agency suggests that the information from this study be distributed for review and comment within the community. Should you have questions or comments regarding any of the information contained in either the FIS or the DFIRM, please contact the City of Wausau Zoning Administrator, Bill Hebert, at 715.261.6780.

* The following PDF files are large (approx. 2MB-10MB each)