The City of Wausau has many residential rental units within our city limits. Most of these units have very good landlords, and most have good tenants.

Unfortunately some properties have landlords that are hard to find and contact when problems arise, and most of these live outside the area. Because of this, the City of Wausau recently adopted an ordinance requiring the owners of residential rental properties to register with the City of Wausau, who the contact person should be for the rental units.

If you do not rent your property out, this ordinance does not affect you and you do not have to fill out the rental registration.

The ordinance follows:

16.04.035 Appointment and Registration of Agents for Residents and Nonresidents Who Own Rental Dwelling Units in the City.  Any person who owns any rental dwelling unit in the City of Wausau shall maintain with the City of Wausau Inspections Department a current listing of his address and telephone number and if the owner lives outside Marathon County, Wisconsin, the name, telephone number and address of an adult person who is empowered to receive service of process as agent for the owner. The owner shall sign a written statement appointing the agent and the agent shall sign the statement accepting the appointment. The statement shall be filed with the City of Wausau Inspections Department. No person may qualify as an agent for an owner unless that person:

  1. Resides in Marathon County Wisconsin; or
  2. Owns a business which that person operates on a full-time basis in the City of Wausau.

Any changes of names, telephone numbers or addresses in such listing shall be reported within 10 days of such change. Any owner who fails to notify the City of Wausau Inspections Department of a change in name, address, or telephone number within such 10-day period shall be subject to forfeiture as provided in 16.04.025. The addresses for the owner and the agent shall be a street address at which the owner and agent actually reside or at which they are engaged in full-time employment. A post office box address may not be used, except in conjunction with the actual street address. In this paragraph, a corporation, partnership, limited liability company or other organization shall be deemed a nonresident owner if it does not operate a business office on a full-time basis in the City of Wausau.

A Residential Rental Registration form is available here.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please
contact the Division of Inspection and Zoning at 715.261.6780.