The Residential Rental Licensing Ordinance (Wausau Municipal Code Section 16.04.039) was passed by the City of Wausau Common Council in November 2013. This licensing ordinance will be in effect starting July 1, 2014. Residential rental licenses will be required for all rental dwelling units within the City of Wausau. This will include single-family homes that are rented out.

An inspection will be performed on each rental dwelling unit over the course of three (3) years.  The City has approximately 6,800 rental units and the ordinance is set up to inspect each unit on a three-year cycle. The inspections will be based off of the City's adopted basic housing and property maintenance code along with other municipal codes such as building, electrical, fire, plumbing and zoning.
Landlords will be notified a minimum of 21 days prior to inspections.  It will be the responsibility of the landlord to notify tenants that an inspection will be performed.  A time will be scheduled and an inspection will be conducted in a timely manner. A Certificate of Compliance will be issued after inspection and determination that the property conforms to the requirements. Other programs currently in place, such as rental registration, rent abatement, and property maintenance requirements will remain in effect.
The Rental Licensing Ordinance is available here.
A map of the inspection areas for 2014 through 2017 is available here.
Landlords who want to know what the City will be looking for during the inspections can check out the Inspection Report Form we will be using.  The Inspection Report Form can be found here.
With the passing of this ordinance, an educational component will be enacted. A Landlord Educational Assistance Program (LEAP) will be offered on a regular basis.  This class will be mandatory for landlords that own property designated as a chronic nuisance premise. Watch for further information on the program as it is developed. 
If you have any questions regarding the licensing requirements or inspections, please contact the Division of Inspection, Zoning and Electrical Systems at 715.261.6780.