The Common Council of the City of Wausau adopted the Rent Abatement Program effective April 1, 2012 (Section 16.04.037 of the Wausau Municipal Code).  Rent abatement is a process by which tenants living in rental units with certain unrepaired conditions may qualify for rent reduction if property owners do not comply with inspection orders.

Residents may report conditions to the Division of Inspection and Zoning by calling 715.261.6780. Inspections will provide notice to tenants if abatable conditions persist after the owner has received notice of code violations and failed to correct issues prior to reinspection. Once notified of abatement eligibility, tenants have 30 days to request a hearing before the City's Public Health and Safety Committee by completing a request form available at the Customer Service Desk at City Hall or go to the link below. A fee of $25 must be submitted with the form to the City Clerk. Once these are received, a hearing is scheduled.  Testimony and evidence are presented by both sides for Committee consideration. If abatement is awarded, the tenant may deduct the approved percentage of the rent retroactive to the date of the original violation notice.

A list of abatable conditions is included below. Conditions include, but are not limited to issues with heating systems, electrical, plumbing, security, moisture, pests, safety and structural issues. A list of addresses with unresolved abatable violations will be posted on this website. Residents and prospective tenants may view the list to determine if a unit they are living in or considering renting has serious issues.

The ordinance is available here.

List of rent impairing violations.

Listing of Rent Abatable Properties:
  • 805 Flieth Street - Unit #2 (3/5/19; deadline for application 4/4/19)