Map Books

Map BookParcel maps in PDF format to view and print: -Looking for a standard hard-copy parcel map? How about a zoning or house number map? Trying to find that Plat listed in the newspaper or a Benchmark elevation for that construction project? Use the Official City Map books to view and print Parcel, House Number, Zoning and Benchmark maps.  This mapping site requires the following items:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (available free from Adobe)

The City of Wausau annually develops and prints several different parcel map books. These map books are used by all departments to identify tax parcel boundaries, house numbers, zoning and utility information. Each page contains one quarter-section at a scale of 1"=200'. They are developed from the current tax parcel GIS database maintained by Marathon County.

Map Books Available Online:

  • Official City:  Tax parcels, right-of-way, plats, surveys, lot dimensions.
  • House Number:  Tax parcels, right-of-way, and house numbers.
  • Zoning:  Tax parcels, house numbers and zoning.
  • Natural Features:  Tax parcels, right-of-way, and house numbers, contours, water, woods, wetlands
  • Benchmarks:  City Wide road maps with engineering benchmarks and elevations

Map Books Available at City Hall: The following maps books are not available online, but can be obtained at City Hall.

  • Water Utility:  Water mains, hydrants, valves, and services
  • Sewer Utility:  Sanitary Sewer mains, manholes and lift stations
  • Storm Sewer:  Storm Sewer mains, manholes, inlets and outfalls