Map Viewer

Looking for a map of your property? Want to see aerial photography for that new building site. How about locating all the properties within 500 feet of your store. Use this interactive map to view, query and print Wausau and Marathon County GIS data.

The City of Wausau and Marathon County have jointly developed this interactive mapping tool allowing users to view, query, and print information from the GIS and land records database. 

DISCLAIMER: The information and depictions herein are for informational purposes ONLY and Marathon County-City of Wausau specifially disclaims accuracy in this reproduction and specifically admonishes and advises that if specific and precise accuracy is required, the same should be determined by procurement of certified maps, surveys, plats, Flood Insurance Studies, or other official means. Marathon County-City of Wausau will not be responsible for any damages which result from third party use of the information and depictions herein or for use which ignores this warning.


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