Looking for a map of Wausau?

Need some contour data for your site design project?

Contact the Wausau GIS Division for more information at:
(715) 261-6740  or  gis@ci.wausau.wi.us

If you need a map right away, try our Online Mapping page.


Digital Data
Digital mapping data was developed from 2010 aerial photography and 2015 LiDAR.  This data is available for purchase and can be acquired by calling or emailing the GIS Division.

The 2010 color orthophotos were acquired in April of 2010 and produced at 1 pixel = 6-inch resolution at 1" = 100'.

The 2015 color orthophotos were acquired in April of 2015 and provide 3 inch pixel resolution with 4 bands for improved analysis.

Other aerial imagery and LiDAR data of the city is available, please contact the GIS Division for more information.



Digital Data* (per quarter section; shapefile format) $21.00
Digital Photography/Orthophotography (per quarter section, TIFF format) $26.25
Digital Photography/Orthophotography (per section, TIFF format) $105.00
Labor (per hour, charged in 5 min increments) $60.90
Computer Processing (per hour, charged in 5 min increments $29.40

* Digital data layers include: Buildings, Roads, Driveways, Parking Lots, Sidewalks, Woods, Water Features, and One Foot Contours.

Hard-Copy Maps
Several hard copy map products are available for purchase.



Color Official City Map (36" x 56") $8.40
Color Annexation Map (36" x 56") $8.40
Color Zoning Map (36" x 56") $8.40
Color Aldermanic District Map (36" x56") $8.40
Color Official City/House Number/or Zoning Map (18" x 24") - Per 1/4 Section $4.20
Black & White Official City Map (36" x 56") $4.20
Black & White Official City or House Number or Zoning Map (18" x 24") - Per 1/4 Section $2.10