Wausau Wisconsin


November 14, 2018

The Wausau Fire Department Inspection Bureau is involved in many activities to include; fire code safety inspections and fire safety education. They also work with the Wausau Police Department and the State of Wisconsin Department of Justice in the investigation of fires.


The Inspection Bureau conducts fire inspections twice a year on all public buildings and places of employment to ascertain and cause to be corrected any condition liable to cause fire, or any violation of laws or ordinances relating to fire hazards or the prevention of fires. Inspections are also conducted at special events such as the Wisconsin Valley Fair, Art in the Park, and other large gatherings.  In 2017, the total number of Inspections and Activities conducted were 3,809 and the breakdown is listed below.

To help prepare for your fire inspection, we have attached the fire inspection checklist . The Inspection Bureau will conduct private home inspections, but by request only.


Inspection Type

# of Insp.

Initial Insp. No Violations


1st Re-inspection 444
2nd Re-inspection 118
3rd Re-inspection 32
4th Re-inspection 17
5th Re-inspection 12
6th Re-inspection 7
7th Re-inspection 2
8th Re-inspection 2
9th Re-inspection 1
10th Re-inspection 1
11th Re-inspection 1
Plan Review (General, Site, Sprinkler System, Architectural) 0

Inspection (Site, Fire Protection, Sprinkler System, Permit, License, Special Event, Tank)


Investigation (False Alarm, General, Other) 1

Referral/Complaint (Citizen, Building)


Consultation (Site, Building, General, Fire Protection, Fire Alarm, Hazardous Operations, Sprinkler, Knox Box)


Legal (Preparation, Court Appearances)

Property Evaluation Reviews - Special Assessment 51

                                               Total Inspections            3,809

The City of Wausau Fire Inspector's investigated 8 building fires in 2017.  For more information on the Fire Inspection Bureau please see the the Wausau Fire Department's Annual Report.