Honor guard at Chief's swearing in ceremony


It all started with a group of loyal firefighters that would go above and beyond the call of duty to represent the Wausau Fire Department.

Prior to this, if a need arose for a formal ceremony, a call would go out to those who had dress uniforms to assist in the event.  Although the newly-formed Honor Guard was dedicated, the first year was not easy.  Most of the members had little to no formal training in drill and ceremony. 

Fourteen members currently volunteer their time to practice marching drills and maneuvers that were taught initally by instructors of the Wisconsin State Honor Guard Team in a two-day academy. 

The Honor Guard will represent the Wausau Fire Department at funerals, memorial services and any other functions authorized/requested by the Chief of the department or his designee.  Requests should be made through Fire Administration.

Our goal is to represent all members of the Fire Department in the highest degree of professionalism, dedication, loyalty, honor, and dignity.  We strive to honor firefighters in life, as well as death, and to exhibit the best possible image to the entire community.  In addition to funerals and memorial services, the honor guard may be called upon to post colors, march in parades, social functions, fire victims' funerals, assist families during a time of need and stand guard at funeral homes. 

The Wausau Fire Department Honor Guard is funded primarily through donations.  All honor guard members volunteer their time to attend all functions and meetings.