Wausau Fire Logo

It is the mission of the Wausau Fire Department to provide rapid, professional, emergency services to protect and enhance our community.

Core Values:

Professionalism - We choose to take pride in our work, communicate effectively, project a positive image, and deliver service at the highest standards every time, in every situation.

Accountability - We accept responsiblity and take ownership for our actions.

Integrity - We act ethically, honestly, and lead by example by having our actions reflect our word.

Respect - We choose to treat everyone the way we would like to be treated.

Compassion - We recognize individuals stricken by misfortune and take action to alleviate their pain as we serve them with kindness and understanding.

Vision Statement:

Excellence in service to our community through best practices, innovation, and a positive attitude, the Wausau Fire Department strives to operate under these guiding principles:

*Our philosophy is excellence in every aspect of our work. We strive to be a positive role model and leader in the fire service as well as maintaining community involvement.

*Our employees are inspired to cultivate a lasting and rewarding career. This is accomplished through recognition of outstanding contributions made by employees. In addition, every employee has the opportunity to develop and thrive professionally and personally.

*Community partnerships are vital to short and long term success. We will nurture and develop constructive relationships with business owners, residents, and officials, as well as our public safety partners.

*Every day, and at every opportunity, we will be THE positive influence in the lives of others.

*We are a highly effective, efficient, and adaptive organization. We are responsible, make a difference, and will contribute our efforts toward building a sustainable community.

*We will serve our community with pride, which is reflected in our high quality service and commitment to excellence.


You may find additional information (pictures, statistics) about our fire and emergency services in our Annual reports.

Strategic Planning:

The Wausau Fire Department (WFD) embarked upon the creation of its first strategic plan in 2015. We are all aware of the cliché, "if we aren’t moving forward we are moving backwards." Fire departments today can’t afford to waste time standing still; we need to know where we are now, where we want to be in the future and how to intentionally fill the gap between the two. I think Jack Welch said it best, "Strategic planning helps an organization avoid waste and misdirection."

This strategic planning process purposefully involved not only members of our Department but also members of our community. We wanted this process to involve both internal and external stakeholders; that it be community-driven so there would be a meaningful focus on the needs and concerns of our customers. We desired to closely scrutinize what we really believe, how and why we do what we do and explore our attitudes so ultimately we could create the image of what we wanted to become. We want to be able to predict our future not react to our future.

This strategic planning document is the culmination of over a year’s worth of effort and sets forth the WFD’s Mission, Values and Vision with a blueprint for continuous improvement. The development of this dynamic plan is long overdue and the members of our Department are confident that it will stimulate a future that is justifiable and sustainable.

Wausau Fire Department 2016-2020 Strategic Plan (pdf)