Fire Prevention Programs

Fire Prevention programs offered by the Inspection Bureau can be requested by contacting us at (715) 261-7904 or 7906. There is no fee for these programs which are set up by appointment. If needed, interpreters can be contacted to assist with the delivery of the program.

Another resource available to you is the U.S. Fire Administration Web Site. Here you will find training and educational opportunities for the Fire Service and allied organizations. Also available are fire statistics, public fire education campaign materials, home fire safety, and information on funding opportunities.

Fire Safety Education Programs for Wausau Schools

The Wausau Fire Department dedicates the month of October for Fire Prevention by spending the day going into each school to present Fire Prevention Programs to every classroom. The following programs are presented:

  • "Sparky" the Fire Dog for Pre-K and Kindergartners
  • "Be Cool About Fire Safety" for 1st Grade
  • "Fire Safety" for 2nd Grade
  • "How to Prevent Home Fires" for 3rd Grade
  •  9-1-1 Safety for 4th Grade (presented by Marathon County Sheriff's Dept)
  • "Survive! Fire in Your Home" for 5th Grade
  • "Fire Safety House" is presented to all 1st and 3rd Grades

In Summer, the Playground/Fire Safety Recreation Program is offered.

Other programs are available upon request:

We can provide an Evacuation/Fire Safety program speaker available for the elderly, the disabled, independent living, teens, young parents, group homes, recent immigrants, service clubs/organizations and business. We can provide a "Fire Safety House", for a fee, to any fire department within Marathon County. Other Programs offered through Wausau Fire Department include:

Smoke Detector Program

  • Installation of free smoke detectors for disabled, elderly or low-income home owner.
  • Must qualify as one of the above, occupy and own the property.

Supplies Available For Use (Provided to the City of Wausau residents)

Chimney cleaning brushes and rods for cleaning chimneys. Different shapes and sizes available.