What number should I call if I need the fire department?
For any emergency, you should dial 9-1-1. This will connect you with the Marathon County Dispatch Center. They will determine the proper agency and type of equipment that needs to respond to your situation. Be prepared to answer the call taker’s questions about your location and what type of problem you’re having.

For a non-emergency situation dial 715-849-7796. If your question is for a fire department administrator, see the telephone numbers listed on our Contact Information page.
I called for an ambulance, why did the fire truck respond?
In the City of Wausau, the ambulances (rescue squads) are part of the fire department. All fire engines are equipped with oxygen, defibrillators, and medical supplies; the firefighters are trained to deliver emergency medical care prior to the arrival of the ambulance (nearly all firefighters on WFD are paramedics or Emergency Medical Technicians). Many times the engines arrive minutes before the ambulance. The firefighters also assist the paramedics in lifting and moving patients from the basement or second story of the home to the ambulance.
I’d like to become a Wausau firefighter, what do I need to do?
Firefighter recruitment is handled by the City of Wausau's Human Resources Department.  See the Employment Information site for details.
Why do the firefighters take the fire trucks to the grocery store?
The firefighters are working a 24-hour shift, beginning at 6:45 a.m. each day. They’re required to purchase their own meals and typically pool their money for the day’s two meals. They follow a work rule that limits their grocery shopping to one unit at a time at a grocery store located in their response area. The units are always available to respond when they’re at the grocery store. A side benefit is that it gives younger firefighters the opportunity to drive the apparatus in non-emergency conditions, preparing themselves for the promotion to driver/operator.
Who takes care of the fire hydrants?
Fire hydrants are installed and maintained by the Wausau Water Utility. Water customers pay a “Public Fire Protection” charge on their quarterly water bills. This money is not available to the fire department or used to pay for any service provided by the fire department. It is collected and used by the Water Utility to pay for the installation and maintenance of fire hydrants, as well as the water that is used to control fires in our community.
Why does the fire department inspect buildings?
The fire department inspects buildings to ensure they remain free from hazards that may endanger the occupants. The inspections are required by Wisconsin Statutes and Administrative Codes. Most buildings are inspected twice a year. The inspections are performed by both the firefighters working in the fire stations and fire prevention officers, who have special training in building construction, fire detection and alarm systems, and fire suppression systems.
Can I have a recreational fire at my home?
Any single or two family homes in the City of Wausau could be eligible for a recreational fire permit if the property meets certain requirements.  The owner of the property MUST take out the permit in all cases, renters are not allowed to take out the permit.  For all guidelines regarding Recreational Fire Permits, see the recreational fire permit page. 
Does the Wausau Fire Department fill swimming pools?  
No, Wausau Fire Department does not fill swimming pools.