Please complete the information as accurately as possible. Wausau Fire Department makes no guarantee that the date and/or time of your request will be available. Please submit your request as early as possible so we may better accommodate your needs. 

It occasionally happens that a tour would need to be cut short to respond to emergencies, these include, but are not limited to: Emergency fire or medical response, severe weather or unexpected personnel shortages. If any of these events occur and if they interfere with your scheduled visit, we will take any necessary steps to try and reschedule your group with the highest priority.

Each station has at least one fire engine and one ambulance. The ladder truck and rescue truck are housed at Central Fire Station only. We will bring only one vehicle to your event location, but we cannot guarantee which one considering they may be on an emergency call at the time of your event and may have to substitute another vehicle. We will make every effort to bring a fire engine to your location. Please indicate in the additional information box if you do not need to request a vehicle at your event.

You should receive a confirmation telephone/email message from our office within 3 working days of when your request is submitted. If you have not received a response after this time or you need to make changes to your request, feel free to contact our office at 715-261-7900.

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