Wausau Wisconsin


November 20, 2018

Street Construction Projects

Street construction projects include the installation of concrete curb, gutter and drive approaches; bituminous concrete (asphalt) pavement; storm sewer where necessary; replacement and/or installation of water and sewer laterals where necessary; replacement of existing defective sidewalk; and possible installation of new sidewalk if it does not currently exist.

The following streets are proposed for reconstruction in 2019:

  • Townline Road from Grand Avenue to Easthill Drive
  • 1st Avenue from Thomas Street to Stewart Avenue
  • Thomas Street from 4th Avenue to the WI River Bridge
  • South 7th Avenue from Pardee Street to Garfield Avenue

Future Street Projects

Streets proposed for construction in 2020 will be posted in the spring.

Special Assessments

Special assessments are typically levied to abutting property owners when street construction projects take place. Please refer to Frequently Asked Questions for more information on special assessments.