Questions regarding traffic signal timing or reports of non-functioning lights or burned out bulbs should be directed to the Department of Public Works at 715-261-6960.

A request to change a traffic sign or request a new sign--stop sign, speed limit, no parking, for example--should be made in writing to the Traffic Lieutenant with the Wausau Police Department. Depending on the type of sign, the request may need to be considered by the Capital Improvements and Street Maintenance Committee. The Capital Improvements and Street Maintenance Committee reviews the request and may refer it to the Common Council for action.

Why doesn't the City post “Children at Play” signs?
An often heard request concerns the posting of generalized warning signs with “Slow-Children at Play” or other similar messages. Parental concern for the safety of children in the street near their home, and a misplaced but widespread public faith in traffic signs to provide protection often prompt these requests. There has been no factual evidence to show the success of such signs in reducing vehicle speeds. Studies have shown that many types of signs attempting to warn of normal conditions in residential areas have failed to achieve the desired benefits. If signs lead parents and children to believe they have an added degree of protection, which the signs do not and cannot provide, a great disservice results. Because of these serious considerations, the City does not post, and Federal standards discourage, “Children at Play” signs. Children should not be allowed to play within or too close to streets (or alleys). The sign has long been rejected since it is a direct and open suggestion that this behavior is acceptable